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The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) has recently given formal accreditation to New Image for its range of products. FIANZ is an internationally recognised body. They have received recognition not only from within New Zealand, but also from a range of international governments, fellow Islamic organisations
and educational institutions.

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Closing date for the month of October 2013 will be on 30th October 2013. Distributors are advised to submit sales earlier so that you can monitor your group sales more effectively via the virtual office where you can access anytime and anywhere at your own convenience. We will start accepting November orders from 1st November 2013.

Please refer to the table below on the closing date for next 2 months.

Thank you.
The Management
N.Z. New Image Sdn.Bhd.



Under the Direct Sales Association, the direct sale, by its definition, cannot be conducted by you as the Company’s distributors at a fixed place of business. The Company has made this clear under Terms and Conditions of the Agreement that you are not to sell or attempt to sell the Company’s product through retail outlets. And, you are prohibited from displaying any advertisement material including bunting about the Company’s product at any fixed place of business like pharmacy, clinic and shop/retail outlets.

The Company therefore takes serious view of your conduct in selling or advertising the Company’s product at a fixed place of business and will not hesitate to take stern steps to terminate your distributors agreement whereupon your commission will be forfeited.

You are also to take note that the Company will not be responsible for any purchase of such product from such prohibited place of business like pharmacy, clinic or shop/retail outlets.

Thank you.

The Management.


Please be advised that with immediate effect all new member registration must be accompanied with a copy of member’s IDENTIFICATION CARD for Indonesian Citizen and  their bank account book numbers. As for Foreigners, please submit a copy of their Passport.

Starting from January 2015, new members are required to pay registration fee about IDR 195.000,-  where the company will give 20% members discount , member card, and a Starter Kit. This amount will be in effect for all new members registration mechanism, by adding IDR 195.000,-  in each mechanism.

Thank You

The Management