RDA Tablets

RDA Tablets

– Multivitamin and mineral tablets

Good nutrition and a physically active lifestyle are the keys to health and happiness. New Image RDA tablets contain a blend of 25 vitamins and minerals that have been specifically formulated to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance of essential nutrients, as recommended by health professionals.

With the busy lifestyles so many of us lead today, we often do not allow enough time for proper meals. We are rushing to get things done, a lot of energy is burned through periods of stress and there may be times when we require extra nutritional support.

RDA contains B vitamins to support energy production and the nervous system, antioxidant vitamins A, C and E for the support of healthy cells, minerals, including magnesium and calcium, for muscular-skeletal support and zinc for healthy immunity and skin.

RDA is a good choice for daily health maintenance and vitality. Take two tablets daily and double the dose when you feel it’s required.