PowerPill FE3

PowerPill FE3

PowerPill is a highly-refined pure petroleum product of exceptional quality, with an atomic structure composed of long hydrocarbon chains (H60+C30+). PowerPill is made from a high-vacuum, high-temperature distillation process, way beyond the usual refining practices. (By comparison octane rated petrol is a far less refined product). PowerPill is made by New Image International under U. S. Lubricants International. PowerPill and Micro PowerPill (for smaller engines) are supplied in a convenient, easy-to-store tablet form. The tablets dissolve completely in fuel to promote cleaner burning engines.

The main benefits of using the PowerPill are:

  • Reduces exhaust smoke, emissions.
  • Increases engine power.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Cleans injectors, carburettors and entire fuel system.
  • Promotes more complete fuel combustion.
  • Easier start-up for seldom used engines.
  • Lubricates and conditions valves, pistons and rings.
  • Absolutely safe – cannot damage any type of engine.
  • Acts as a lead substitute

Both PowerPill and Micro PowerPill are equally effective in petrol and diesel engines, 2- or 4-stroke. Being of a hydrocarbon composition, PowerPill is a fuel conditioner not an additive.